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We offer services to people in different parts of the world who seek medical care in South Africa , we also offer a service to South Africans who are not in arrears with good health care

Mission Statement

To provide world class medical service to those in need at affordable, personalized rate opulence, sarinity, relaxation guaranteed whilst you revcover

Vission Statement

Everyone has value, excellent health care is a right. We strive to give the best, effortlessly

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Reeega Medical Tourism is your medical support partner. We organise medical care, accommodation, and transport for local and international patients who travel from afar for South African medical care. But that’s just the beginning of our service

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Tel : 011 682 2521 | 071 954 8894
Email : drviwe@reeega.co.za | drmtwesi@gmail.com
Address : 30A Blakeney Ave, Mulbarton